The C Word!

Hello and welcome to our new blog.

Firsty, I'm going to say the 'C'-word, because after the long baking (no pun intended) Summer we had this year, this somewhat cooler snap has got us looking towards... CHRISTMAS!

Yes yes, we know it's only the tail end of August, but right now is when the fun starts to happen. In the next few weeks we'll be trying new recipes, talking about what will work, and what might not, and sourcing the best organic, fair trade ingredients to make all of these lovely new ideas come to life. All of this together with fulfilling orders from our amazing customers, and our kitchen is going to be a VERY busy place. We might even have to get in touch with the big fella in Lapland, to see if he can spare us a couple of elves to help out.

Where possible we'll be whetting your appetite by keeping you up to date about which cakes are looking like they have made the grade (if we can see the screen through the clouds of cinnamon!), so keep coming back as we reveal our delicious Christmas 2018 offerings, together with the dates we will start to sell them in our shop at Crumb's the Word.

Meanwhile, we're running a Christmas-related poll over on our Facebook page. What are your thoughts on Candy Cane Brownies? Do they sound a great idea, or are you not sure? Let us know: 
Christmas candy cane brownies in the cake shop

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